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Recent Publications
Fact-checking my 2016 predictions - December 2, 2016

Predicting things is easy. Predicting them accurately is more difficult. Here’s how I did on my predictions for this year.

Fact Check: NextGov’s 2016 Tech Predictions - November 28, 2016

TWB CEO John Breeden made three bold predictions in NextGov magazine about what 2016 would hold for government and technology. We go back and check his work, seeing how many of those predictions came true.

Overcoming user resistance to stronger authentication - November 18, 2016

Online consumers say they want more security on their accounts, but they have to be prodded to adopt two-factor authentication.

Cyber Securing Schools
Time Crunch: Federal Contractors Scramble to Clear NISPOM Change 2 - November 13, 2016

Upon winning a government contract, many corporate executives breathe a sigh of relief. But these sighs may now be replaced by moans of frustration upon realizing what it takes to remain compliant with federal cybersecurity standards. The National Industrial Security Policy Operating Manual (NISPOM) is a perfect example of tightening cybersecurity requirements for federal contractors, … Continue reading Time Crunch: Federal Contractors Scramble to Clear NISPOM Change 2

New cybersecurity guidance for small businesses - November 11, 2016

NIST has revised its guidance to help small businesses establish cybersecurity programs. It is based on the Cybersecurity Framework, which has proved to be a versatile valuable document since its publication in 2014.

Network World Review: Can you beat a cyberattack with Safebreach simulator? - October 31, 2016

The SafeBreach continuous security validation platform simulates how specific networks are vulnerable to attack, and how to plug what is likely quite a few holes in existing defenses. Read the Network World testing and review.

Countering the counter-UAS Shortcomings - October 28, 2016

Unmanned aerial systems remain largely in their infancy, and yet they already threaten defense and intelligence operations: advanced surveillance capabilities of these systems enable adversaries to collect data and information to shape military tactics, and swarming techniques increasingly serve as a means for adversaries to distract, to disorient, and disrupt. Such threats, combined with others … Continue reading Countering the counter-UAS Shortcomings

GiN Review: Program Your Own Heroes with Skylanders: Imaginators - October 20, 2016

Skylanders: Imaginators is one of the most technically advanced videogames ever created, allowing for the creation of fully programmable toys that warp into the game through the power portal. Suitable for kids or adults, our review tested large groups of both, it also happens to be a whole lot of fun.