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New Security Tool Uncovers Spoofed Websites and Apps Anywhere

A new breed of threat is taking a different approach, setting up fake websites and apps that appear to be legitimate, but can be extremely dangerous to anyone fooled into trusting them. NextGov investigates those threats aimed at the United States Postal Service.

Tenable Network Security

Two years after a data breach at OPM compromised personal information of tens of millions of current and former federal employees, agencies need to move from making short-term fixes to implementing long-term strategies. Learn how at Tenable Network Security.

Network World Tests Enterprise Firewall Managers

New and innovative security tools seem to be emerging all the time, but the frontline defense for just about every network in operation today remains the trusty firewall. Network World asked TWB author John Breeden II to test out several manager programs designed to focus the chaos of a typical firewall deployment.