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Screenshot courtesy of Crazy Machines 2 from Viva Media.
NextGov Emerging Tech: Why so Little Automation in Federal Networks?

Automation could be the answer to feds dealing with constant attacks, reducing the time from detection to remediation from months to seconds. The basic concept is simple enough, simply using the power of the network itself to counter threats, but the reality is a bit more complex.

The high-risk challenge of government cybersecurity

Federal cybersecurity has been in the GAO’s list of high-risk programs for 20 years, and there is no sign of its getting off any time soon. The biggest hurdle? It’s probably the workforce.

NextGov Tech: Why Relying on Cell Phones is Bad in Emergencies

The recent women’s march on DC showed the limitations of smartphone technology. During a crisis or an emergency, or in this case a massive protest march, cellular service can become overloaded. Here is what we need to do about that.

Pick Your Weapon: Network World Reviews New Threat Hunting Tools

What if you assumed that APTs were already hiding in your network and launched software specifically designed to hunt them down? Network World reviewed the latest tools in the cybersecurity arsenal: threat hunting platforms. Load up some extra ammo, because we are going hunting for our latest roundup, and there’s lots of game to be had.

Watch Dogs 2 Shows Possible Futuristic Hacking

Videogames have only recently begun to mirror real life, make statements and work to change the world in the way that great literature and movies sometimes do. Watch Dogs 2 hits the social commentary head-on, but the hacking tech is all fun and games, well, mostly.