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NextGov Explores How Technology Can Help Mitigate Hurricane Disasters

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have technology that can prevent a storm of the magnitude of Hurricane Harvey from devastating our cities and towns. But it can help in the response, and even provide valuable information for citizens trying to survive a catastrophic event.

New cybersecurity guidance broadens to embrace the Internet of Things

The latest revision of NIST’s catalog of security and privacy controls (SP800-53) addresses the challenges to both the public and private sectors of an increasingly interconnected information infrastructure that includes industrial control systems and the Internet of Things.

New Security Tool Uncovers Spoofed Websites and Apps Anywhere

A new breed of threat is taking a different approach, setting up fake websites and apps that appear to be legitimate, but can be extremely dangerous to anyone fooled into trusting them. NextGov investigates those threats aimed at the United States Postal Service.

Review: Fighting Java Exploits with Just in Time Compiling

The Waratek Application Security Platform relies on just-in-time compiling and focuses exclusively on one of the biggest security risks within most organizations: applications running Java. Find out how the new technology worked in CSO magazine.

Shrimping Out in Life: Tips for Approaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

If Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) teaches you anything, it’s how out-of-shape you are. After every class, I feel like a tub of butter poured on a bed of uncooked cookie dough. It’s supposedly part of the transformation efforts that takes place as you gain the endurance and prerequisite muscle needed to complete classes. After class, I … Continue reading Shrimping Out in Life: Tips for Approaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu