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NextGov: Drones Stepping Up To Public Safety Roles

In a NextGov column last year, I predicted that drones would step up to a new public safety role, with both officers and public volunteers piloting the craft. With amazing drone rescues saving lives, that future is close at hand.

Agencies lack the money and resources to secure their networks

A survey of federal IT and security personnel shows that a lack of money and skilled workers are the biggest impediments to security, and careless insiders represent the greatest threat. Doing more with less is not the answer; if leaders are serious about IT security they must put the money where the collective mouth is.

CSO: Using Micro Segmentation to Protect Assets with GuardiCore Centra

Micro segmentation is one of the most advanced security methods that organizations can employ to protect critical assets, users, and data from both outside hackers and malicious insiders. But it has to be done right. Find out if GuardiCore Centra is up to the challenge.