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CSO Magazine Review: Threat Hunting With A Sqrrl

Using a threat hunting platform like Sqrrl may take a little bit of a shift in thinking for cybersecurity teams. It’s less like being a beat cop and more like being a consulting detective, but arguably much more effective at catching the really dangerous, hidden threats before they can strike.

Agencies lack the money and resources to secure their networks

A survey of federal IT and security personnel shows that a lack of money and skilled workers are the biggest impediments to security, and careless insiders represent the greatest threat. Doing more with less is not the answer; if leaders are serious about IT security they must put the money where the collective mouth is.

NextGov Explores How Technology Can Help Mitigate Hurricane Disasters

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have technology that can prevent a storm of the magnitude of Hurricane Harvey from devastating our cities and towns. But it can help in the response, and even provide valuable information for citizens trying to survive a catastrophic event.

Review: Fighting Java Exploits with Just in Time Compiling

The Waratek Application Security Platform relies on just-in-time compiling and focuses exclusively on one of the biggest security risks within most organizations: applications running Java. Find out how the new technology worked in CSO magazine.

Shrimping Out in Life: Tips for Approaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

If Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) teaches you anything, it’s how out-of-shape you are. After every class, I feel like a tub of butter poured on a bed of uncooked cookie dough. It’s supposedly part of the transformation efforts that takes place as you gain the endurance and prerequisite muscle needed to complete classes. After class, I … Continue reading Shrimping Out in Life: Tips for Approaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu