Boosting Document Automation with Cloud and Platform Development

By: Carlos Soto
September 26, 2016


Few technologies are more vital to the bottom line of a modern business than document automation. Document automation’s universal application, speed of accessibility and ease of use can make or break a company of any size. It can mean the difference in financial run rates within sales forecasts, and prove vital to a legal department’s ability to defend an organization.

Document automation can also make a world of difference to any Human Resources department that is tasked with the timely enrollment of valuable employees. And within any risk framework, document automation is the critical component needed to produce evidence of an organizations’ adherence to the regulations of various vertical markets as well as the applicable federal and local laws.

Everyone within a successful organization from C-level executives through department-level directors needs to consider the potential value that effective document automation can have on their current and future initiatives. This is especially important from the perspective of tracking success rates, and minimizing the costs associated with the time-consuming nature of a manual process alternative.

Improving Business by Improving Document Automation

With such an important technology, any functionality that can be integrated into document automation to increase its value and effectiveness will thus provide a critical advantage to businesses that master it. That is the reason why PandaDoc, a leader in the document automation field, recently launched the Add-on Store, which allows their clients to quickly select and install every type of additional functionality that could give their companies an edge.

PandaDoc CEO Mikita Mikado says his company works very hard to ensure that the Add-on store provides the ease-of-use and critical additional functionality that businesses need. Mikado believes that the next frontier in document automation is an online platform like the PandaDoc Add-on Store, where companies can easily find and implement functionality to provide a more seamless integration with existing CRM, ERP, payment processing and industry specific systems.
“With the introduction of the Add-on Store, we are making a strategic move towards becoming a developer ecosystem,” said PandaDoc CEO Mikita Mikado. “The Add-on Store will significantly expand our offerings, allowing us to deliver add-ons created by third-party developers.”

PandaDoc is an all-in-one document automation platform that integrates with Google Apps and Docs, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Base CRM, Sugar CRM, Insightly, HubSpot and more. PandaDoc increases the productivity and close rates of sales professionals by giving them more effective sales documents at the final stage of the buying cycle. The PandaDoc solution brings document creation, CRM merge, analytics, configure price quote (CPQ) and eSignatures together in one seamless offering.

PandaDoc’s suite of applications can now be optimized based on the specific needs of every department or project, and can be customized at the workspace level. In addition to PandaDoc’s market leading tools, third-party applications will soon be available via the Add-on Store as well.
An Example of the Benefits of an Add-On Platform

One great example of using the Add-On platform comes from the banking and financial services sector. The financial industry is one of the most heavily regulated vertical markets, forcing companies to comply with many federal laws and regulations. The fact that many of the regulations require customers to sign documents acknowledging their understanding of the protections offered can often stymie some document automation platforms. This can become even more problematic when companies are further required to report and share those signed documents with regulatory agencies.

While the baseline PandaDoc software does a good job of managing document workflow, a very specific Add-On is also available in the Add-On Store which can help to capture, track and share signature data with regulatory groups. While companies working in other vertical markets may have no need for such an additional feature, for financial services companies, it can be a huge productivity booster which is easily integrated into the existing platform.

As the PandaDoc Add-On Store evolves and grows, even more productivity boosters designed for specific industries will become available – with all of them easily integrated into the existing, robust and flexible PandaDoc platform.