TWB / NextGov Exclusive: Former NSA Director Calls Snowden Movie Grossly Inaccurate

By: John Breeden II
October 4, 2016


The new Oliver Stone film, Snowden, promises to tell the true story of contractor Edward Snowden in his quest to expose an NSA program that could allegedly track all forms of digital communication. But even with my limited perspective as a journalist who covered that event, I knew enough to spot dozens of historical and technical inaccuracies while watching the film. I wanted to see just how badly the facts were mangled, so I sat down with Chris Inglis, who was the Deputy Director of the NSA during the incident.

“The film was grossly incorrect technically, but that was not the most egregious thing about the movie,” Inglis said. “It’s that it was spiritually incorrect. It was well wide of conveying a true sense of how the NSA purports itself, on what its role was and on what Snowden’s role was.”

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