Network World Review: Can you beat a cyberattack with Safebreach simulator?

By: John Breeden II
October 31, 2016


The best way to get experience with most jobs or tasks is to simply do them. It’s difficult to learn how to drive a car without getting behind the wheel at some point. Soldiers need to face the enemy in order to gain combat experience and become veterans. And IT administrators have to experience and mitigate attacks to learn how to best defend their networks. The problem with all those scenarios is the fact that they involve a degree of risk. It’s not all that helpful to learn how to counter a cyberattack if the first one experienced runs your company out of business.

The SafeBreach continuous security validation platform is a good solution to that problem for cybersecurity workers. Deployed as a service, through the cloud or internally, it can show cybersecurity teams exactly how their networks are vulnerable, what steps attackers will take to get to the data they crave, and how to plug what is likely quite a few holes in their existing defenses. It can even run wargame type scenarios so that IT teams can learn the best ways to respond to realistic attacks on their actual networks.

Network World reviewed SafeBreach with a robust test network that consisted of thousands of virtual clients. Read the full review at Network World.