Watch Dogs 2 Shows Possible Futuristic Hacking

By: John Breeden II
January 21, 2017


Videogames have only recently begun to mirror real life, make statements and work to change the world in the way that great literature and movies sometimes do. Watch Dogs 2 hits the social commentary head-on, but the hacking tech is all fun and games, well, mostly.

Screenshot courtesy of Watch Dogs 2 videogame, from UbiSoft.
The hackers meet. Screenshot courtesy of Watch Dogs 2, from UbiSoft.

Publisher Ubisoft has taken Watch Dogs 2 and improved the hacking from the original. Now you get the fun, complete-the-circuit style puzzles in order to access systems and take them down from the inside. This adds to the tense opener, which is reminiscent of a Mission Impossible film, as main character Marcus tries to avoid the guards, communicate with his team and make an audacious escape, once the alarms go off. Real hacking is a lot more sedate, though Watch Dogs 2 is just realistic enough to make things interesting for those of us who know a bit about technology.

A few actual hacking techniques make it into the game, like using mobile devices and even drones, but for the most part, it’s just fun. Still, we could all use a bit of fun these days, so why not give Watch Dogs 2 a spin? It’s available for the PC, the Xbox One console from Microsoft and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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