Shall We Play A Game? (a Wargame against a real AI?)

By: Special to TWB
April 27, 2017


Most of us probably remember the famous “Shall we Play a Game?” question from the classic WarGames Movie. Since then artificial intelligence, or AI has been improving. It even beat a grandmaster at the ancient game of Go. But we wanted to see how a modern Neural Network AI performed on an actual battlefield. Enter Boris, from Nival, which is breathing new life into a classic wargame.

Blitzkrieg 3, originally launched in 2015, is back with an updated look, multiplayer, and a newly added advanced AI opponent. Though I have not played this game in the past, as a veteran RTS player and a veteran of the war game genre I had to give this a try and check out this new AI which has been named Boris by the developers. After spending time with Blitzkrieg 3, it felt fresh with realistic models and soldiers appropriate for the era and an advanced game system sure to please any RTS fan. And that AI, well, it’s brutal!

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