New Security Tool Uncovers Spoofed Websites and Apps Anywhere

By: John Breeden II
June 19, 2017


Many cybersecurity programs these days try and protect core assets. But a new breed of threat is taking a different approach, setting up fake websites and apps that appear to be legitimate, but can be extremely dangerous to anyone fooled into trusting them.

The tool that aims to uncover them is from RiskIQ. Called the RiskIQ Digital Threat Management Platform, it aims to uncover any nefarious sites or apps that are taking liberties with a customer’s good name. The tool also provides a way for legitimate site owners to respond and fix the problem.

NextGov magazine had us aim the tool at the United States Post Office, uncovering fraud and threats from around the world. The community edition of the tool is free, so anyone interested in seeing what is going on with their apps and sites can check it out.

Read about the whole investigation for USPS at NextGov.