CSO Magazine: Going A Round With Malware That Goes Around

By: John Breeden II
July 7, 2017


A new type of environmentally aware malware knows how to look for key indicators to prove that its running inside a sandbox. It is this new breed of environmentally-aware threat that the Minerva Anti-Evasion Platform targets on endpoints.

Ransomware on the attack. The kind of thing that Minerva can help to prevent.
Ransomware on the attack. The kind of thing that Minerva can help to prevent on endpoints.

The idea is that most normal threats will be blocked by traditional antivirus and Minerva will stop anything that attempts to get around that protection. In fact, Minerva officials stress that their toolset won’t protect anything without some type of antivirus first installed. It’s designed to work with any antivirus program, including Windows Defender and any of the offerings from companies like Symantec, McAfee, AVG, TrendMicro and others.

The Minerva protection is installed as software, with the main interface and console running locally on a customer’s server or based within the cloud. Our test program was active on a physical server. Once installed, the program pushes agents out to every endpoint that needs to be protected. The agents are very lightweight, with each one taking up about 24 megabytes.

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