CSO Magazine Begins Cybersecurity Summer Reviews Blitz

By: John Breeden II
July 13, 2017


Threats are constantly evolving and, just like everything else, tend to follow certain trends. Whenever a new type of threat is especially successful or profitable, many others of the same type will inevitably follow. The best defenses need to mirror those trends so users get the most robust protection against the newest wave of attacks. Along those lines, Gartner has identified the most important categories in cybersecurity technology for the immediate future.

CSO Magazine is diving into those defenses, with many reviews of products in each of these categories. Find out how the latest products in deception, microsegmentation, network traffic analysis and others perform against the most advanced threats, malware and professional attackers.

Read all of the reviews in CSO Magazine, and keep up as the list continues to grow all summer long.