CSO Magazine Review: Threat Hunting With A Sqrrl

By: John Breeden II
October 15, 2017


Using a threat hunting platform like Sqrrl may take a little bit of a shift in thinking for cybersecurity teams. It’s less like being a beat cop and more like being a consulting detective, but arguably much more effective at catching the really dangerous, hidden threats before they can strike.

Network traffic monitoring is a powerful tool for a lot of reasons. It can show, for example, if network resources are being fully utilized, or if bottlenecks are forming along communications backbones. Recently, traffic tools have started to be deployed to aid in cybersecurity defenses, looking for traffic spikes or unauthorized vertical movement, which can be an indication of compromise. Few take this science further than Sqrrl Data however, turning network traffic monitoring into a true threat hunting platform that is easily capable of unmasking advanced threats that many other programs miss — or fail to identify as the grave threat they truly are.

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