GovernmentCIO: Pentagon Developing Advanced Artificial Intelligence

By: Kevin McCaney
October 27, 2017


The Pentagon plans to take artificial intelligence to the next level, particularly with regard to analyzing the millions of hours of video collected by unmanned aerial aircraft and other sensors in Iraq and Syria. While the Defense Department’s immediate focus is on terrorists and other targets in Syria and Iraq — where the vast majority of the military’s surveillance footage is collected — this is also the kind of research that can bear fruit in associated areas, for other agencies facing similar big data dilemmas.

The Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team, or AWCFT, along with the Army Research Laboratory, is holding an industry day Oct. 24, to discuss ways to expand its use of computer vision algorithms to develop actionable intelligence, working in a cloud computing environment with an AI interface. The general idea is to develop AI, machine learning and deep learning techniques to help currently overwhelmed military analysts sort through the colossal mountains of imagery and other data in order to quickly find actionable intelligence.

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